I’m so pleased to announce that I’ve finally launched Tripp Creative, a digital creative agency with a social media swagger.

This has been a long time coming for me. One could say it’s been six years in the making, as long as I’ve been in this crazy social media game. In late 2012 I joined Instagram as @trippswag (RIP). In 2013, Sarah and I launched her fashion blog, Sassy Red Lipstick. In 2014, I dropped out of college to start my career as a social media manager for a small nonprofit organization. Within three years, I became the Director of Content Marketing for a successful international movement, and led all the online marketing efforts for the organization. I was responsible for growing the organization’s Facebook page to over 2 million likes, acting as the main contributor and editor-in-chief for site’s high-traffic blog that received over 1M views a month, and growing the Instagram profile from 2,000 followers to 130k. All the while, I was also nurturing mine and Sarah’s personal brands as a side hustle. In 2015, I published my book Create Rebellion, an abstract manifesto for disruptive creativity.

In 2016, we moved to San Francisco for no other reason than to chase our dreams. We networked, we hustled, we put our heads down and went to work. I left my solid job and full-time salary to take the leap and go all-in with building something entirely our own. It was during these years that we officially grew from aspiring bloggers to profitable personal brands. In 2017, we hit and then surpassed each one of our career and income goals, and tripled our audiences on social media. I gave a TEDx talk on the power of the Millennial generation despite the bad rap we are given. In 2018, we hit several major milestones, including working with some global dream brands and making $100,000 in just one month.

In 2019, we knew that our journey was leading us into a new chapter of life, and we decided to move to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. Our brands were established and we were ready to spread out and grow our empire into other avenues. Considering I’d been consulting with countless bloggers, influencers, companies, etc. over the past year, it felt like the perfect time to make it official and start Tripp Creative.

Tripp Creative was founded on the belief that influencer marketing is a new frontier filled with limitless opportunities, but one that many don’t know how to navigate. By combining our experience with creative branding, influencer marketing, social media growth strategy, and public relations for some of the world’s most popular athletes and social media personalities, we have created a new type of digital agency––one that’s more concerned with reaching deep into our network rather than your pockets.

Influence is now digital. Personal brands are now global brands. Creativity is the only thing that can cut through the noise. Your Instagram can be your income. Your website can be your wealth. We know how to give your personal brand an upgrade that leaves a lasting impression. We pride ourselves on connecting the right influencer with the right brands, and ensuring they’re paid what their audience/reach is actually worth. A new age of digital hustle has begun, and Tripp Creative is at the forefront.

Visit www.trippcreative.com to see more! Follow @trippcreative on Instagram and stay tuned for more updates.

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