“Robbie Tripp’s first book Create Rebellion offers an antidote to those finding themselves in a creative stupor. In a stream of consciousness style, Tripp asks that you treat fear and surrounding spiritual destitution as a catalyst for your art. In poetic lucidity he tells you to “become the chaos.” … In between ‘mm’s,’ ‘ah’s’ and nods, I was taken in by Create Rebellion’s unique position as a chameleon text; it sits comfortably between prose, poetry and manifesto. Tripp’s words would work as well in a book as they would pinned to a literary student’s dorm room wall. You can dip in and out of Create Rebellion and still appreciate the poetic language and its ability to inspire just as well as if you read in it all in one sitting. Even a slice will resonate.”
The Jotter Magazine


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“Always remain accountable to these creative yearnings inside your soul. Suffocating these desires inside you is as insufferable a sin as any. Those who suppress these beautiful winds that churn inside them are spitting into it and will only have their salivary shiftlessness spewed back at them. Always listen to the frivolous frequencies within yourself and indulge as many as you can. Be unabashed in your attempts to spark these vibrant hues while remaining open to inner transmissions at all times. Do not violate the divine inner workings that have been crafted inside your core, for accepting and heeding these premonitions is the key to everything you wish to accomplish. … Make the figments of your imagination come to life like brilliant shooting stars firing into a cobalt sky.”
Robbie Tripp

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